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Thought Leadership

Challenge and inspire with new insights.

The Challenge

Thought leadership efforts have, historically, often been focused on achieving goals such as “brand awareness” and “telling your story.” Today’s demands around ABM strategies and more targeted approaches aren’t supported by the death-by-powerpoint presentation. CxOs and senior decision makers, in particular, are among the least likely audiences to engage around traditional thought leadership styles of this nature.  In order to position your organization as a visionary partner who understands the challenges these enterprises face, thought leadership has to evolve to:

  • Challenge assumptions and provide insights
  • Center on business challenges, rather than products and services
  • Provide for more dynamic, two-way dialogue and discussion
  • Put case studies and customers front and center

Speaking formats often don’t provide a natural environment for this new style of thought leadership, nor do most events orient towards discussion rather than presentation. Finding both the right environment and the right approach can seem overwhelming in a sea of slide decks and laser pointers.

The Solution

Collaboration and discussion have been a fundamental tenet to every CxO event we’ve run for over a decade now.  Creating a peer-on-peer learning environment is critical to challenging traditional modes of thinking and creating new insights.

Our agendas and events provide a range of speaking sessions – interactive keynotes, keynote panel discussions, executive boardroom breakout discussions, collaborative dinners conversations and more.  Use our dynamic formats to share live case studies with customers or tackle key industry topics. Change perceptions, ask questions, and challenge our audiences to find new solutions to their business problems.

Explore our products to learn more about partnering with CDM for the right fit thought leadership environments for your team this year.