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Breakout Think Tank sessions

Interactive, moderated discussion

Peer-on-Peer learning

Half hour sessions

Our summit agendas are built around the value of engaged, peer-on-peer learning to foster discussion and collaboration around the topics at hand. Join our interactive think tank sessions to listen, learn, share case studies, ask questions, and engage the other attendees on a carefully curated selection of key industry topics. Hear firsthand what is really on the minds of the world’s top executives, what keeps them up at night, and what is in store for their digital futures. Discuss key business problems and solutions in an intimate and open roundtable style.

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"We get millions of dollars of deals from the CDM Media CIO events because we can have real conversations with CIOs we otherwise would not have gotten access to ... because the one-on-one conversations have been so successful for us."

President, Rimini Street


Thought Leadership


Keynotes, Panels, Boardroom Breakouts, and more.

Dedicated content

Engaged audience of senior executives

Upwards of 35 minutes in length

In addition to the interactive think tank sessions, our summit agendas provide a range of speaking sessions – traditional keynotes, keynote panel discussions, executive boardrooms, and more. Share live customer case studies or tackle key industry topics of your choosing as a thought leader on our summits agendas. Most speaking sessions are around a half hour in length and vary from traditional presentation formats to interactive moderated discussions. Speaking slots are assigned on a first come – first served basis and have limited availability. Change perceptions, ask questions, and challenge our audience to find new solutions to their business problems.

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Executive Exchanges

Key Benefits:

  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Pre-scheduled and hosted onsite
  • Key accounts
  • No booths

CDM Media provides our attendees and sponsors an opportunity to meet face-to-face in a series of one-on-one, half hour Executive Exchange meetings at our summits. This kind of personal interaction allows for real two-way dialogue around the challenges our attendees are facing. The meeting schedules are available in advance of the summit to allow for meaningful interactions and advanced relationship building. We eliminate the uncertainty of the booth and tradeshow floor and replace it with pre-determined face-to-face interactions. No booths. Just business.

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