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Account Based Marketing

Supercharge your ABM with CDM.

The Challenge

A paradigm shift has occurred in enterprise B2B marketing, bringing with it new strategies and a wide array of questions about how to successfully execute what has come to be know as Account Based Marketing. Companies from the Fortune 500 down to VC-backed startups are embracing ABM models and looking to align resources behind this more targeted approach in an effort to:

  • Identify and focus efforts on a tiered group of key accounts
  • Create meaningful engagements with buyer personas across the demand unit
  • Accelerate pipeline
  • Provide coverage throughout opportunity lifecycles

These methods are a critical response to the emerging trend of longer and slower enterprise purchasing cycles, as well as the increasing complexity of technology sales in the era of digital transformation.

The Solution

While the explosion in marketing technology and proliferation of channels with which to go to market have provided some useful methods of achieving partial ABM success, their effectiveness dwindles when applied to C-Suite and senior executives who are critical to the purchasing process.

The only way to consistently create meaningful engagement with those executives is the same as it ever was – meeting them face-to-face. Over 85% of executives who make purchasing decisions prefer face-to-face meetings as the vehicle to learn about and eventually purchase new solutions.

Our platforms are able to tackle those tough ABM challenges by creating meaningful interactions with senior decisions makers from your key accounts. Our target account mapping services align your investments with the right logos. Our forums provide opportunities for face-to-face engagement in thoughtful collaborative discussions.

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