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Custom Think Tanks

A completely custom event. Your content. Your partners. Your key accounts. We do the rest. Custom think tanks with CDM Media – it’s that easy.


Custom Think Tanks


Custom event for your company

Attendees from key accounts

Turnkey event management

Five-Star venues

Our Custom Think Tanks are your company’s roadshow, built from the ground up and managed end-to end by CDM Media. Choose a single think tank in a key market or a true roadshow series in over 100 global cities. Each Custom Think Tank features up to 8 hours of interactive discussion and content, fine dining, and executive networking with a carefully curated audience of attendees. The agenda for our Custom Think Tank provide flexible formats to bring an engaging thought leadership topic to the audience, and then drill down into the nuts and bolts of the subject matter with customer speakers, partners, and more. Our Custom Think Tanks are hosted at top hotels and meetings spaces with fine dining experiences at nearby top restaurants. From end to end, CDM Media will provide our usual white-glove event management services, handling every detail of site selection, audience acquisition, website development, attendee preparation, and more to ensure a seamless and effortless experience for your team.

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Audience Acquisition



Map to your ideal customer profile

White glove service

Personal relationships

Once a city and date have been selected for one of our Custom Think Tanks, CDM Media works closely with our partners to identify the accounts that matter most for representation and attendance for the event. This starts with understanding your ideal customer profile – what type of customer is best helped by the solutions your organization provides, based on employer size, revenue, industry, existing technology platforms and more. If you’ve already embraced Account-Based Marketing (ABM), those logos move to the top of the list for our team’s outreach. Using that data, our team of relationship managers will reach out to recruit attendance based on the executives most engaged on the subject matter set for discussion. Our white-glove service manages the executive’s attendance from initial commitment through onsite registration, ensuring a great turnout and engaged audience for the night’s discussions.

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"We get millions of dollars of deals from the CDM Media CIO events because we can have real conversations with CIOs we otherwise would not have gotten access to ... because the one-on-one conversations have been so successful for us."

President, Rimini Street


Sample Agenda

3:30pm - 4:00pm

Registration & Greeting

4:00pm - 4:40pm

Keynote Presentation

The Cognitive Computing Advantage

Businesses today are embracing the digital revolution, rethinking what customers value and creating new operating models to gain a competitive advantage. Cognitive computing plays a big part in enabling this digital transformation. Also referred to as artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive technology augments human expertise to unlock new intelligence from vast quantities of data to then develop deep, actionable and predictive insights. We will discuss several applications for cognitive with examples from the oil and gas industry. See how cognitive can improve your decision making for exploration and production and augment your customer experience.

4:45pm - 5:30pm

Executive Boardroom

Flotek's Cognitive Journey

Flotek prescribes and applies custom chemistry to stimulate and improve oil and gas recovery in its clients' reservoirs. With IBM, Flotek has introduced the industry's first Reservoir Cognitive Consultant to untap new potential in its clients' reservoirs. Hear from Flotek's CEO, John Chisholm, about their cognitive journey and results to date.

5:30pm - 6:15pm

Networking Cocktail Reception

6:15pm - 8:30pm

Roundtable Dinner

Continuing Discussions of the Cognitive Advantage

Follow our tried-and-true Think Tank agenda formats or create your own custom flow for the afternoon to maximize engagement. Think Tanks allows for the perfect blend of content from customers, partners, prospects, and your own evangelists. Get to know the people behind the technology and the logos, hear their perspectives and challenges, and share your own experiences. Forge business relationships that will lead to new opportunities today.

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Thought Leadership


Dedicated content

Flexible session formats

Engaged audience of senior executives

3+ hours of content sessions

At any Custom Think Tank, content is key. Getting the right mix of thought leadership, roundtable-style discussion, and blend of perspectives will create an environment where opinions are shared, challenged, and reimagined. It is in this setting that you are able to position your organization as a visionary partner who understands and solve these problems uniquely through the work you do with your clients every day. Tap your customers to speak and share insights with their peers. Bring strategic partners and content experts to panels. Share customer case studies, listen to and learn from your prospects and customers, and facilitate lively conversations where all parties come away inspired, enlightened, and excited to return to the office and tackle their problems with you as a partner.

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100+ Global Metros

Five-star caliber venues

Private event space

Experiential Dining

Our Custom Think Tanks are available in more than 100 cities around the globe with dates available year-round. Luxury hotels, meeting spaces, and exquisite fine dining resturants are the backdrop for all of our Custom Think Tanks. CDM Media works with local partners to source the best venues and experiences in each region to craft an atmosphere appropriate for the caliber of executives attending each Custom Think Tank. Private meeting and dining spaces are secured in each venue to provide a quiet, discussion-friendly with all the AV and other amenities needed to deliver a world-class event. Finely curated menus are created working hand-in-hand with the local chefs to ensure an unforgettable experience for all.

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