Customer Advisory Board

The CDM Media Customer Advisory Board is a hand-selected group of people that work alongside our leadership team here at CDM Media to support and elevate our innovative and forward moving programs to help us better serve the technology industry and its leaders.

The CDM Media Customer Advisory Board (CAB) is made up of our most valued sponsors whom have worked with us over the years as clients and partners. We are extremely fortunate to have these esteemed technology and business leaders as members of our CDM Media CAB. Please enjoy their CDM Media success stories and professional bios below. If you are interested in connecting with one of our CAB members with questions about how CDM Media has helped bring success to their businesses, please connect with us here.

Client Testimonials

CDM Media 1-on-1: Rimini Street's Donna Walker
CDM Media 1-on-1: Rimini Street's Donna Walker
Customer Success Stories: Cherwell Software
Testimonial: Michele Fitzpatrick, VP Sales Engineering, Harte Hanks
Customer Success Stories: How CIO Summits help Zscaler change the way they sell
Customer Success Stories: Rimini Street a True David vs. Goliath Story
CDM Media 1-on-1: Rimini Street's Sean Munster


The Past, Present, and Future of Cybersecurity Jobs: An Interview with an Industry Expert

Deidre Diamond is the founder and CEO of CyberSN, the industry’s leading career and staffing firm solely focused on the cybersecurity talent industry.  She joined us at a recent event to talk about the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, fluctuations in the cybersecurity job market and leadership roles for women within security and IT.  What’s […]

Knocking on Doors Before You’re Ready: Advancing Women in Technology Leadership

CDM Media is building a community of female leaders by giving women in technology leadership a platform to share their expertise and experience. We’re hearing from women in the cybersecurity space, asking them to share stories and advice to highlight leadership and diversity in the industry. Deidre Diamond, founder and CEO of CyberSN, joined […]

A Team of Humans: How the Pandemic Changed IT

“Without people, the technology doesn’t matter.” -Jason Spencer Jason Spencer spoke at a recent CDM Media Summit – and we wanted to share that conversation with you. Name: Jason Spencer Title: Vice President, Global IT at RR Donnelly To hear more of Jason and J.D.’s conversation, check out Executive Insights: The Intersection of Business […]


Value with CDM Media

CDM Media’s programs help our clients to cut through the noise, skip the line and get direct access to target clients, dramatically shortening the sales cycle. Don’t take our word for it, hear success stories right from the source, our clients:

The CDM Media Community

An impressive roster of the world’s top CIO/CISOs make-up the CDM Media Community making our Thought Leadership programming one of the most important in technology. Below, hear about our delegate’s experiences at our CDM Media Summits and events. Also, go beyond our community testimonial videos to learn from some of the top technologist in the world in our CIO Leadership Video Series.

The CDM Media CIO Leadership Video Series

CIOs are business leaders as much as technology leaders. The CDM Media CIO Leadership Video Series draws compelling context from the top industry leading C-Level Technologists. Watch and gain new insights into today’s most pertinent business tech topics.


Love what you see and want to learn more? Check out our available resources.


Love what you see and want to learn more? Check out our available resources.


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