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Midmarket and High Growth Companies

Market share and rapid growth secured.

The Challenge

After emerging from the startup weeds as one of the fastest growing companies in the sector, high-growth companies face critical challenges on their way to acquisition or IPO and beyond.  The pressure to exceed expectations from venture firms is intense. The competition grows from both directions as startups and large enterprise tech companies look to undermine your success and mimic your solutions. Prospects want to see your roadmap come to fruition before investing budget dollars in a technology and company that could still disappear in flash, like so many before it.
In order to keep the rocket fueled for continued success, high growth companies need:

  • To secure the market position and expand market penetration
  • Grow both regionally & vertically and acquire a substantial percentage of global 2000 customers
  • Save time and resources with consolidated account activities
  • Shorten sales cycles with new customers and expand investments from install base

The difference between “Unicorn” status and being the next footnote in the annals of venture capital investment rests on a razor’s edge of navigating this stage of growth successfully, rapidly scaling your team and market share, and doing it all yesterday.

The Solution

Selling faster and gaining new Global 2000 logos isn’t easy. In order to get there, however, your sales people need to be spending their time in face to face selling scenarios with key decisions makers from top global enterprises and beating your competition to the punch.

Over a decade of helping the world’s fastest growing companies navigate their high-growth stage and shortening their path to revenue growth has given us a unique perspective on devising successfully strategies to achieve your goals.  

Our platforms are able to accelerate opportunties, cutting sales cycles by as much as 90% in some cases by creating meaningful interactions with senior decisions makers from your key accounts. Our target account mapping services align your investments with the right logos. Our forums provide opportunities for face-to-face engagement in thoughtful collaborative discussions.

Explore our products to learn more about partnering with CDM and learn how we’ve helped the world’s fastest growing companies to become the tech sector’s greatest success stories.