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Roundtable Dinners


Who Attends




Personal Connections

Face-to-Face engagement

3+ hours of networking and discussion

CDM Media Executive Roundtable Dinners provide a unique opportunity to connect and build relationships with top senior executives in an intimate environment, rather than the office or the boardroom. Connect and get to know our attendees on a personal level through an evening of fine dining, drinks, and discussion as you bask in the ambiance of the finest restaurants in the region. Get to know the people behind the technology and the logos, hear their perspectives and challenges, and share your own experiences. Forge business relationships that will lead to new opportunities today.

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"We get millions of dollars of deals from the CDM Media CIO events because we can have real conversations with CIOs we otherwise would not have gotten access to ... because the one-on-one conversations have been so successful for us."

President, Rimini Street


Thought Leadership


Dedicated content

Roundtable style dynamic format

Engaged audience of senior executives

2+ hours of dedicated discussion time

At a CDM Media Executive Roundtable Dinner, content is key. The discussions are designed to help solve business challenges through open debate and dialogue. Opinions are shared, challenged, and reimagined in this environment. It is in this setting that you are able to position your organization as a visionary partner who understands and solves these problems uniquely through the work you do with your clients every day. Share customer case studies, listen to and learn from your prospects and customers, and facilitate a lively conversation where all parties come away inspired, enlightened, and excited to return to the office and tackle their problems with you as a partner..

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Five-star caliber venues

Finely curated menu

Private room

Exquisite fine dining experiences are the backdrop for all of our Executive Roundtable Dinners. CDM Media works with local partners to source the best restaurant experiences in each region to craft an atmosphere appropriate for the caliber of executives attending each dinner. Private dining spaces are secured in each venue to provide a quiet, discussion-friendly area away from the bustle of the main dining areas. Finely curated menus are created working hand-in-hand with the venue’s chefs to ensure an unforgettable experience for all.

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