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Executive Roadshows

Your events. Our expertise.

The Challenge

Every marketing team looks to curate corporate event experiences for their organization, whether it’s in the form of a user conference, executive roadshow, sports hospitality series, or any of a dozen other event types.  At first glance it makes sense – cut down on costs, create unique and exclusive experiences, and provide a platform to share your thought leadership with potential customers and current clients alike. Then the reality start to creep in. The most common challenges in planning, resourcing, and executing these executive roadshows are:

  • Significant time and resource drain on already overburdened marketing and sales teams
  • Inability to attract non-customer prospects, particularly at senior executive and CxO level
  • Hidden and unexpected costs in event planning
  • Lack of event expertise leading to unforeseen issues and lackluster onsite results

Not for a lack of effort, but attempting to plan and execute one, ten, or fifty of your own events a year, while keeping up with the day-to-day workload can be an undue burden and produce less than ideal outcomes.

The Solution

With thousands of CxO events under our belt, CDM has the expertise required to seamlessly plan, execute, and produce results for your next roadshow or corporate event. Whether you need assistance with audience acquisition from senior executive prospects at key accounts, event management services to deliver an outstanding onsite experience, or a completely turnkey offering to handle the events end-to-end, we can lend our expertise and unparalleled team to producing the events you need this year.

Explore our products to learn more about partnering with CDM for a turnkey, resource-lite and unquestionably successful corporate event or executive roadshow this year.