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Sales Cycle Acceleration

Move the needle and close business faster this year.

The Challenge

Digital Transformation is a double-edged sword for enterprise technology companies. On the one hand, the world’s biggest companies are embracing a technology-first mentality and purchasing more tech than ever before. On the other hand, digital transformation is also forcing these companies to take a more integrated, 360° approach with their solution providers, ensuring a seamless fit into broader strategies and aligning across existing platforms. As a result, almost universally, a few key trends have emerged:

  • Purchasing units are growing increasingly complex, with the average now at 14 people and rising
  • Enterprise purchasing cycles are averaging 16 months and climbing
  • Research-savvy buyer personas are 50%+ through their purchasing decision before engaging solution providers

Meanwhile the average length of tenue for sales and marketing executives in the tech sector continue to fall. Competition is increasing in all sectors from an endless supply of VC backed startups and constant M&A activity.

The Solution

One of the biggest factors in longer sales cycles and lost opportunities is failing to engage in thoughtful and earnest discussion with ALL the buyer personas in the decision making process around your solution.

The only way to consistently create meaningful engagement with decision makers is the same as it ever was – meeting them face-to-face. Over 85% of executives who make purchasing decisions prefer face-to-face meetings as the vehicle to learn about and eventually purchase new solutions.

Our platforms are able to accelerate this process, cutting sales cycles by as much as 90% in some cases by creating meaningful interactions with senior decisions makers from your key accounts. Our target account mapping services align your investments with the right logos. Our forums provide opportunities for face-to-face engagement in thoughtful collaborative discussions.

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