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Event Management

Let the experts run your next event.

Event Management


Venue Procurement & Negotiation

Registration / Administration

Web/Mobile applications

Event Setup/Execution

With over 150 of our own events executed annually, CDM Media is a global expert in event execution. While your team may be the foremost experts in enterprise sales and marketing, you may not be ready to devote their time and energy to event management and execution for your next corporate event. If it’s not in a core competency, let us take the reigns.

To hold a successful customer event, all logistical organization should be seamless, so staff can focus on interacting with your prospects, customers, and partners at a very intimate, enjoyable gathering.

CDM Media specializes in C-level customer events. We are efficiency experts providing high-touch, white glove experiences at organizing travel, creating websites, outlining sessions, prepping speakers, all logistical planning, mobile app creation, AV organization, social gatherings and execution on-site at the event.  Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Venue Sourcing & Negotiation
  • Catering Menu Creation
  • Travel Coordination
  • Airport Transfers
  • Registration/Administration
  • Event Setup/breakdown
  • Event Signage
  • AV – Filming/Photography
  • Mobile Event App Creation
  • Event Theme & Design
  • Event Website Design
  • Social Event Coordination (Golf, etc.)
  • Email Event Promotion/Attendee Engagement
  • Social Media Campaign/Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Agenda Creation

CDM Media will provide turnkey, premier executive event services with a focus on excellence, execution, and experience throughout the lifecycle of your next event.

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