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Audience Acquisition Services

Even the best corporate event is time and money wasted if it doesn’t lead to revenue growth from key accounts.


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Decision Makers from New Logos

Any Size Audience

Corporate events, Roadshows, Lunch & Learns and more all provide an opportunity to educate, engage, and sell in a setting that celebrates the best about your organization – the technology, the people, the partners, and the customers who make it all possible. Yet even the simplest of internally produced events is a drain on resources for an organization focused on their sales & marketing day jobs. As a result, the world’s best marketers would admit the one thing missing from any corporate event is senior level, CXO decision makers from their target accounts and whitespace logos.

Enter CDM Media. We can provide the end-to-end audience acquisition services for anything from an intimate dinner, an executive track on your corporate event, or a complete summit of conference delegation. We provide audience acquisition services for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Roadshows
  • Sports Hospitality/Experiential
  • Executive Dinners
  • User Groups
  • Customer Events
  • Lunch & Learns
  • And much more!

We complement your efforts and take the stress, time and resources off your team’s plate to get the right kind of audience onsite for your next event. Tap into your network, and you’ll find your customers at your next event. Tap into ours, and you’ll find senior decision makers from your top prospects as well!          

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