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Startups and Early Stage Companies

The growth you need – fast.

The Challenge

From stealth mode to seed round and beyond, there’s one constant for startups and early stage companies: the need for rapid growth. The challenge to that growth is usually not about product or effort, but one of scale. Hiring, onboarding, and ramping new sales reps is slow and costly. Enterprise sales cycles are tedious, complex, and slow. Your competitors are scaling as fast or faster and beating you to market. Your marketing budgets have to prove maximum ROI with low customer acquisition costs.

Most early stage companies need a simple formula to achieve and exceed their growth goals and advance to their next round of funding. They need:

  • Their best sales people face to face with CxOs and senior decision makers from the Global 2000
  • Shortened sales cycles for new logo acquisition
  • A level playing field versus established competitors in the space

If growth is mission critical to your business this year as an emerging enterprise tech company, you’ve got to get to the front of the line with a top-down approach selling into the highest levels of the world’s biggest companies.

The Solution

Selling faster and gaining new Global 2000 logos isn’t easy. In order to get there, however, your best sales people need to be spending their time in selling scenarios today with key decisions makers from top global enterprises. No waiting.

The only way to consistently create meaningful engagement with decision makers is the same as it ever was – meeting them face-to-face. Over 85% of executives who make purchasing decisions prefer face-to-face meetings as the vehicle to learn about and eventually purchase new solutions.

Our platforms are able to accelerate this process, cutting sales cycles by as much as 90% in some cases by creating meaningful interactions with senior decisions makers from your key accounts. Our target account mapping services align your investments with the right logos. Our forums provide opportunities for face-to-face engagement in thoughtful collaborative discussions.

Explore our products to learn more about partnering with CDM to hack your growth this year and get to the front of the line.

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