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Large Enterprise

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The Challenge

Whether it’s a product roll out, new corporate event strategy, shift to industry segmentation,  a global rebrand, or any other initiative , the challenges as a global tech leader are never small ones.  With a massive team and a recognizable name across a huge install base of customers, the one thing you probably don’t need is access to Global 2000 companies. What you may need, however, is an open-mind, a ready ear, or a chance to re-frame the conversation with those accounts, in an efficient and time-consolidated fashion. Where most large enterprise tech companies find roadblocks within their efforts to grow revenue include:

  • Overcoming established perceptions and reframing the conversation around your brand
  • Up-selling and cross-selling across product lines and new products
  • Creating consistent touchpoints and coverage on  key accounts
  • Cost and resource efficiency

Finding an environment to engage with your customers in an open setting away from the demands of the office and creating dynamic conversations around the depth of your offerings as it relates to their challenges can be a struggle. Doing it cost-effectively and time-efficiently can be nearly impossible at times.

The Solution

Our comprehensive offerings, breadth of regional and vertical global coverage, and expertise in reaching C-Suite and senior executives positions us to serve the needs of the biggest technology companies in the world. They routinely turn to us to provide efficient, intimate, and targeted solutions that can drive results while outsourcing the heavy lifting to our team of experts. With over a decade spent helping the large enterprise technology companies, CDM is uniquely able to devise successful strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Our platforms are able to accelerate opportunities, cutting sales cycles by as much as 90% in some cases by creating meaningful interactions with senior decisions makers from your key accounts. Our target account mapping services align your investments with the right logos. Our forums provide opportunities for face-to-face engagement in thoughtful collaborative discussions. We routinely are able to provide 30-50x return on investment and close deals faster for our large enterprise customers.

Explore our products to learn more about partnering with CDM and learn how we’ve helped the world’s biggest technology exceed market projections and expand their reach.