Think Tank | Optimisation of Data in a Complex Programme Space


Optimisation of Data in a Complex Programme Space

Think Tank - 9:50 am - 10:15 am

Major programmes are increasingly crucial to get right first time, given the importance of using scare resources, supplementing conventional components and methods with new and sustainable ones, taking a responsible approach to funding and financing capital, managing the complex mesh of data, systems and partners, evidencing social and environmental value?and of course delivering a major asset that actually achieves its intended, long term outcomes. It's clear that an integrated, consistent and real-time view of data flows across this complex landscape is now a pre-requisite for success. Interface and integration management has to be designed in (technically and contractually), digitally powered and underpinned by behaviours that promote a shared goal. We shall explore how we can best architect, set-up, manage, optimise and of course secure data across complex programmes. 

Presented by:

Nathan Marsh, Chief Digital Officer, Turner & Townsend