Think Tank | Building Integrated Security and Privacy Framework


Building Integrated Security and Privacy Framework

Think Tank - 12:00 pm - 12:20 pm

With ever-emerging privacy regulations and trends: Privacy and security are overlapping more and more when it comes to tasks and responsibilities. The ISO (International Standards Organization) standard ISO 27701:2019 Framework was created to complement its previously released counterpart, the ISO 27001 (Information Security) Framework. 

These two practice areas must integrate fully in order for companies to successfully implement risk management. In the past, privacy and security were related, but separate areas of focus. Now, security without a privacy lens placed over it will suffer strategic gaps. 

With this in mind, the ISO Privacy Framework addresses: 

  • How to integrate privacy as you design and deploy new systems, products, and services. 
  • How to communicate about your privacy practices. 
  • How to avoid silos and spur collaboration across teams. 

In today's session, we will learn from the practitioner who leads successful implementation and certification projects for the world's premier financial and cyber consulting firm about ?Building Integrated Security and Privacy Framework? where both the teams can work in collaboration to meet modern era challenges.

Presented by:

Rahul Bhardwaj, Global Vice President, Privacy & Data Security, Duff & Phelps