Think Tank | Data 2020, Fueling AI

Data 2020, Fueling AI

Think Tank - 12:00 pm - 12:20 pm

This year will offer a wake-up call for many, as the overall cost of getting data wrong will be realized. Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAOs) and CIOs focusing on AI will rest assured knowing their teams have what they need when it comes to data. One of the major obstacles is sourcing data from a complex portfolio of applications and convincing gatekeepers to say yes. Effectively using intelligent automation will require compelling efforts in data cleansing, integration, and management that IT will need to support. Correcting previous data issues in legacy systems can be a considerable hurdle to leap, especially for larger enterprises. Top organizations will increase, and possibly double, their data strategy budget. 


  • Mishandling data comes at a huge financial cost 
  • AI offers more predictable means of safeguarding data 
  • IT teams will need to be effective at cleaning and organizing data 

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Miao Song, VP CIO Mars Global Petcare, Mars View details