Think Tank | Changing role of CIOs and CISOs

Changing role of CIOs and CISOs

Think Tank - 11:15 am - 11:40 am

The role of the modern IT Executive is more complicated than it has ever been before, not only because the technology landscape has become more complex, but also because IT execs have increasingly had to become more business-focused. The role has moved from being merely a technologist to being a business change, process and transformation instigator. 

Long have we talked about and pushed for IT to be seated at the top table. Now modern businesses are demanding that their technology executives join them to leverage technology thus allowing the whole organisation to better position itself for market-place success, while at the same time ensuring they streamline processes, increase the time to market, be agile and reduce costs. To be successful, CxOs need to invest in themselves, in their staff and the right technologies thus allowing them to position the IT department to proactively address business needs as an innovator and driver, rather than order-taker and enabler. 


  • IT leadership can no longer be directly technology focused, but must instead take their visibility into the business process and become business focused. 
  • A broader business-focus does not preclude maintaining technology excellence however and indeed may demand more of it than ever before. 
  • Success for CxOs will be measured, not in how they can enable enterprise decisions, but in how they can drive growth, seek out competitive advantage, and drive revenue.  
  • If the CIO doesn't keep up with market trends could they find themselves replaced by CITO, CDO, CMO, CTO, etc?