Think Tank | IoT Devices and the

IoT Devices and the

Think Tank - 2:15 pm - 2:40 pm

Hard-coded credentials, insecure wireless communication, unencrypted personal data, unverified firmware updates, vulnerable web interfaces - the list goes on. Every organization is in a race to be the first to deliver new products and technologies. Unfortunately, to properly secure this is never the first thought. It's not shocking that the flourishing IoT space has generated an abundance of security issues. Compromised IoT devices can allow access to data, be used as points of entry for future attacks, or act as DDoS attack drones. Home automation products and wearables open the door for personally identifiable information and other valuable data to be stolen. 


  • IoT devices are vulnerable to hackers
  • Data security is often an afterthought for IoT makers 
  • Home automation products open the door for personal information to get stolen