Data 2020, The Duality of Fueling AI and Addressing Data Risk

Think Tank - 3:15 pm - 3:40 pm

This year will offer a wake-up call for many, as the overall cost of getting data wrong will be realized. CIOs will be pulled between business growth strategies focusing on AI and the increasing cyber-imperative of addressing the critical data risk issues. As data is sourced from a complex portfolio of applications; successful transformations will need to balance convincing gatekeepers to say yes, the use of intelligent automation to deliver compelling initiatives for data cleansing, integration, and management, and the overall IT support of the exponentially increasing demand for data overall. Successful leaders will need to leverage concepts like technical debt to deliver the budget increases they need to deliver and manage the potential that data represents. 


  • A technical debt view รข?" how mishandling data drives financial cost 
  • How AI improves predictability in safeguarding data 
  • IT teams can be more effective at cleaning and organizing data