Biomedical Devices- Top 5 Cyber Security Challenges / Opportunities

Think Tank - 2:15 pm - 2:40 pm

Medical device security will become an increasing concern for healthcare organizations, particularly as more of these devices are connected to the Internet, internal networks, and Wi-Fi. The increasing connectedness of these medical devices will force more and more healthcare organizations to implement security solutions. 

Pre-market challenges: 

  1. Insecure product development: 
  2. Lax FDA approval process especially for patient safety devices with internet connectivity 

Post-market challenges: 

  1. Ineffective procurement processes: 
  2. Lack of central management and real time visibility 
  3. Decoupled management by IT and Biomedical Engineering

Presented by:

Vikrant Arora, Chief Information Security Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery View details