CISO's Got Talent: Finding, Growing & Retaining the Best People

Think Tank - 2:20 pm - 2:45 pm

While new technology and solutions can help CISOs make more, faster and better decisions for an organization, nothing will take the place of a highly talented workforce. CISOs need to be great recruiters of talent but even more importantly growing the skills and capabilities of their team providing engaging and challenging opportunities for people. One of the big issues here is what makes people fit for the job? What competences at what level do you need? Currently, there appear a myriad of functions related to cyber security; how to make sense out of this? 


  • Several approaches exist to verifying job competencies;  
  • Be specific in what you request for the job. Requiring one basic certification will not solve the job.  
  • It's not just the knowledge, it's also the ability to use that knowledge (skill).

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Jan Wessels, ISO, Rabobank View details