Digital Transformation: A Journey to a Business Transformation

Keynote Presentation - 9:30 am - 10:00 am

Leading companies are disrupting the status quo by using data and data science to transform business strategy and create new business models that fuel growth. CIOs have the power to uncover the insights that drive disruption and speed transformation. Learn how leading companies are transforming their bottom line, using digital technologies like AI and Cloud to accelerate innovation in the cognitive era. And understand how CIOs are creating scalable analytics platforms embracing cloud model deployments while ensuring data privacy, security and sovereignty. 


  1. How to build a data science organization (people, process and technology) to disrupt the core and create new business value
  2. The approaches to integrate analytics into key applications and systems to enable people throughout an organization to access and act on insights when and where it matters most
  3. The ways data science teams are developing complex predictive, prescriptive and cognitive models to enable organization to make better business decisions leveraging AI, Cloud and open source development platforms and tools to build models more quickly and easily

Presented by:

Nalini Polavarapu, Head of Digital Stragety, Bayer View details