It's about Requirements NOT DESIRE-ments

Think Tank - 10:05 am - 10:30 am

Contrary to popular belief, gathering solid business requirements is very difficult and reqires more than simply asking end users what they want, which is a "Desirement" not a true, valid business requirement.  With a failure rate of 70% for most projects at Boeing, it is vital that we acquire and propogate a better understanding of how to collect better business requirements.  This presentation seeks to help improve the project success rate by addressing the core problem of solid business requirement and will cover the 12 myths of business requirements gathering, as well as offer a systemic method for working with our end users to co-discover their true business requirements, and assure successful project completion.  Comprised of a health mix of Lean +, User Experience, and System's design approaches, this presentation will cover a tried and true method that will not only develop true business requirements with users, but will also result in end user ownership of the end solution, as well as artifacts that will provide value metrics for the resulting improvements.

Presented by:

Brian Laughlin, Director - Technical Fellow, Technical Architecture/Strategic Planning, Boeing View details