Think Tank - 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Delivering a standout customer experience these days relies more and more on being able to build better software. Enterprises are working hard to transform their business processes and technologies to be agile, so they can provide value to customers before they even realize they need it. This digital transformation to modernize and democratize the software development toolchain upends the architecture of legacy tools, remaking it to be transparent and efficient.  

Join us as Brad Murphy, co-author of The Big Pivot and The Age of Surge, presents a science-backed framework for quickly and efficiently scaling speed, agility, and digital innovation across large organizations. 

Key Topics

  • Why customer-centric change is essential for successful digital transformation 
  • Why the Agile methodology alone isn't enough to reduce developer friction 
  • Taking a holistic approach to Agile/DevOps/architecture renewal

Presented by:

Brad Murphy, CEO, Gear Stream