Executive Boardroom | Sourcing Enabled Business Transformation

Sourcing Enabled Business Transformation

Executive Boardroom - 2:25 pm - 2:50 pm

Innovation is more than just a buzzword; it's fast becoming the mantra by which successful companies live. As enterprises strive to become ever more agile, offloading mundane responsibilities to sourcing partners can free the resources to become innovative. While beneficial, this really only scratches the surface as it still requires and relies on your resources to undertake that innovation journey. Partners that can bring innovation wherewithal to the table however, that can bake it directly into the service offering provide a greater opportunity to innovate. Understanding how such services can be integrated into your day to day operations, how they can spring board your innovation efforts, and how they can allow you to become truly transformational is essential to innovation success.


  • Transformational innovation often requires knowledge, insight, and data that you simply don't have the access to yourself
  • A strong partner not only provides the opportunity to innovate, it also provides the resources to help make it happen
  • By leveraging a single for both operational and transformational initiatives, significant economies of scale can be leveraged making innovation easier