Executive Boardroom | DevOps to Digital Transformation

DevOps to Digital Transformation

Executive Boardroom - 9:50 am - 10:15 am

There's been a definite emphasis on the demand for digital transformation in recent years, and it's a virtual guarantee that as a CIO you have been bombarded with information about its importance in your industry. Are you asking, 'Why DevOps' What problems are we trying to solve? One of the foundations of digital transformation is using applications to constantly create new channels - both to engage customers and to keep employees productive. In a way, every company is now a software company, and you should be aware that DevOps is critical for application strategy success, meaning it's also an essential element of digital transformation.


  • There are several factors that will affect your transition to a DevOps operating model, like having the right tools and realigning processes. 
  • DevOps culture is about breaking down silos, removing barriers, and improving communication
  • Understands the business importance of software, applications, and the competitive advantages of being more agile.