Thought Leadership | Changing an industry's reputation one customer at a time


Changing an industry's reputation one customer at a time

Thought Leadership - 12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

You've heard the negative stories about toxic cultures seeping outside of businesses, killing customer satisfaction and retention. But what's possible when a positive culture transcends all levels of a business: from the board, to the c-suite, through the leadership ranks, to individual contributors and yes, to the customer? 

Our consumer lives have taught us that traditional telecom services, such as phone and internet, are mere commodities: trade up, and often, right? The same must be true for business connectivity services, right? Well, we couldn't disagree more. 


  • Everstream President and CEO Brett Lindsey will share how his team personifies the company's core values; connecting and aligning the team during times of explosive growth.  
  • Learn how Everstream is winning the hearts and minds of businesses on their quest to defy the big telecom status quo, one customer at a time.

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