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As we come out of the darkest times of the pandemic, business confidence continues to take hits. It is now imperative that CFO’s support their CEOs and their cross-functional executive partners in driving business stability and ultimately growth. To do this, CFOs are tasked with providing accurate reporting, relevant data, monitoring and managing cash flow, and developing strategic plans for growth. CFOs must also revisit their traditional organizational and cost structure to identify opportunities to streamline, cut costs, and protect the business. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, CFOs are now involved with many decisions that have historically sat outside their purview such as determining remote vs hybrid workers, DEI initiatives, technology and automation explosions, upskilling and retention, and sustainability. The CFO Summits gather top Finance executives to tackle these challenges and more, in a unique and intimate setting. Each Summit is an exclusive event, and the attendees are handpicked by CDM Media as the top-level finance and accounting budget holders and decision-makers within their organization.