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Keynote Presentation - 10:00 am - 10:30 am

CDM Media is proud to present the CDM Media Women in Tech! Our purpose is to build a community and provide a platform for women working in the tech industry to share their expertise and experience. To encourage our members to give back and act as role models for the industry, we are delighted to introduce the Women in Tech Panel to the agenda this year.

Angela Johnson, Rosie Campbell, and Linda Rogers will be joining us to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities experienced in the industry today. Together they will dive into:

  • How boosting female representation positively impacts business outcomes, culture, and levels of innovation 
  • Has the impact of COVID-19 changed the culture within the workforce?
  • Why D&I plays a crucial role in an effective technology strategy 
  • The impact that the shift to business-led IT has on the organisation

Presented by:

Angela Johnson, Cloud Enabled Business Transformation - Head of Function, Lloyds Banking Group View details


Rosie Campbell, Director of the Global Institute for Women's Leadership and Professor of Politics, King\'s College London View details


Presented by:

Bhagya Reddy, Director of Data Engineering, BT View details