Keynote Presentation | Creating an Enterprise-Wide Data-Driven Culture


Creating an Enterprise-Wide Data-Driven Culture

Keynote Presentation - 9:10 am - 9:45 am

How is your data working for your organisation? Have you truly unlocked the power of data driven decisions in your department and company? Our panel of data experts will address how to take a more scientific approach when you are dealing with data - not just seeing dashboards, but diving into how it can work to break down silos in your organisation and enact needed change. This involves overcoming legacy processes and teams that are resistant to change to look at data and analytics from a different lens. From there, getting the business to understand the value and importance of data across divisions and gaining much needed alignment between data, technology, and security teams to push your organisation forward in 2022 and beyond.

Presented by:

Alwyn Thomas, Head of Data Strategy, Financial Times View details


Miriam Vizvary, VP of Data and Analytics, Sky UK