Think Tank | The CIO vs The CISO


The CIO vs The CISO

Think Tank - 2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Believe it or not, tech and security leaders aren't always aligned. The last couple of years put unique stresses and strains on both leaders. It wasn't long ago that CIOs moved from being technologists to having a much larger role as key strategists for their organisations. Many CISOs found themselves in similar situations going through the pandemic as workers across the globe got thrust into a work-from-home world. Keeping organisations safe and secure moved from a line-item on an agenda to the main initiative at the top of every meeting. CISOs are having a seat at the table more than ever before. Companies had to find a way to work remotely and secure with minimal lead time. For many industries that created tension between the CIO and the CISO. But as our panel will point out, there doesn't have to be a turf war and a well-planned alignment between the two executives can overcome roadblocks to success and lead organisations to a brighter future. Join this session to find out how an environment that features give-and-take between smart, motivated, and innovative executives can help drive optimal business outcomes. 

Presented by:

Quentyn Taylor, Director of Information Security, Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa View details


Mat Mallett, Chief Digital Information Officer, UK Space Agency View details


Presented by:

Rob Greig, Group Chief Information Officer, Arup View details


Tracey Jessup, Chief Digital & Information Officer, UK Parliament View details