Executive Boardroom | Modern IT Operations: How IT can enable cloud-native transformation

Modern IT Operations: How IT can enable cloud-native transformation

Executive Boardroom - 12:20 pm - 12:40 pm

We've all heard the terms DevOps and cloud-native become industry standard buzzwords. But why is it so hard to wrangle in cloud cost and security? If DevOps and cloud-native are only about devs, ops, and public cloud, what is the relevance and value of IT and the massive existing investments? We know the traditional capabilities and operations of IT are lagging leading to shadow IT. But we see the challenges and risks avoiding IT creates รข?" uncontrolled costs, gaps in security and safety, lacking performance and resilience, and others. Insight has created a framework of Modern IT Operations to help bridge this gap, extend devops operating models throughout IT, and enable IT to become service-oriented and create an exceptional developer experience leveraging on-prem and public platforms. 
  •  IT needs to be a participant in digital transformation
  •  IT transformation is not just about tools or skills Cloud-native is more about ?how? than ?where? 
  • Cloud transformation must be purposeful and well understood
  •  Data-based decisions focused on value and security pave the way

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