Think Tank | Building and Managing Advanced Analytics & AI Teams


Building and Managing Advanced Analytics & AI Teams

Think Tank - 9:50 am - 10:10 am

Organizations need to design, hire and manage their analytical teams. All organizations want their analytics teams and function to not only exist but to perform in a highly effective manner. Analytics teams are not like development teams or typical project teams. We will discuss what makes them different and how to hire and manage for high performance and operational impact. 

In this session we'll be discussing best practices relating to investing in, hiring and managing your analytics team, including the following topics: 

  • We will discuss how to build an analytics teams using the Artisanal or Modular model. Analytics team evolve and grow into Hybrid organizations. We will discuss how to manage this evolution. 
  • High performance analytics teams are unique. We will discuss how to best manage them.
  • We will define how to build robust analytics processes that drive results in the real world 
  • We will examine how best to move from robust analytical processes to integrating analytical models and processes into operational production processes

Presented by:

John Thompson, Global Head of AI & Artificial Intelligence, CSL Behring LLC