Thought Leadership | Emerging Tech Offering Changes to the Workforce Landscape

Emerging Tech Offering Changes to the Workforce Landscape

Thought Leadership - 10:50 am - 11:10 am

The barriers are falling. Thanks to AI and AR, it's projected that we will see a dramatic rise in the hiring of people with disabilities. As of right now, roughly 30% of the American workforce is represented by individuals with disabilities. A large amount of the talent pool that has been unexplored at a time when there is a scarcity in available talent. These opportunities will bring about necessary changes in the organization ranging from the culture to the technical aspects. Food for thought: companies that employ disabled individuals hold an 89% higher retention rate, 72% rise in production and a 29% increase in profitability.  


  • AR and AI will open the door for more employment opportunities for disabled people 
  • New positions and technologies will alter organizational structure 
  • AI and AR will effect hiring standards in the future