Think Tank | The Internet of Things (IoT) Meets the Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

The Internet of Things (IoT) Meets the Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

Think Tank - 11:10 am - 11:30 am

We are approaching a point where individual activities tracked by IoT devices and systems will be recorded digitally by an ?Internet of Behavior? (IoB) to influence benefits and service eligibility for people across the world. The idea behind IoB is to be able to digitally link a person with their actions. For example, connecting your identity by way of facial recognition with an activity such as renting a car will be tracked digitally. In addition, IoB will also be used to influence specific behaviours. For example, Progressive's Snapshot and Allstate's Drive wise offerings monitor and record a driver's behaviours and in turn offer higher or lower rates based upon those behaviours. However, there have been concerns raised over the ethical implications of spreading this technology to social services (i.e. schools or assisting living) attempting to compensate or discipline certain behaviours. 


  • The internet of behaviours is a digital replication of consumers' actions 
  • Facial recognition software will be used for everyday verification 
  • There are many concerns regarding the ethics of IoB, are they valid?