Think Tank | Private 4G/5G Networks for Verticals

Private 4G/5G Networks for Verticals

Think Tank - 1:50 pm - 2:10 pm

Converged mobile private networks for operational and business-critical communications are now mandatory to keep pace with the global digitization of vertical sectors. Private 4G is a real breakthrough and a necessary first step before the 5G revolution and the generalization of IOT for verticals on their operational site (airports, train stations, ports, mines, etc). 

It is today's new challenge for verticals to be able to provide the best connectivity (adapted coverage, bandwidth, latency, independence from climatic hazards or events that saturate (strikes, attacks) public networks with the best SLAs to be as aligned as possible with business needs. 

The interconnection between public and private networks is also a new challenge, ultimately to adapt telecommunications networks to the needs of businesses and not the other way around. Industry 4.0 or other innovation topics (IIOT) must start today with POCs to prepare the deployment, the choice of application and data solutions, but also the choice of connectivity (private, public or both).

Presented by:

Christian Regnier, Enterprise Technical Architect, Air France-KLM