Executive Boardroom | IAM at the Forefront of Digital Transformation


IAM at the Forefront of Digital Transformation

Executive Boardroom - 1:20 pm - 1:40 pm

It's hard to find a company that isn't investing in digital transformation in 2020 and beyond. Particularly in the face of a pandemic, which has forced us all to adapt the way we work and interact, digital transformation is here to stay. As companies accelerate their digital transformation timelines, many are finding that identity and access management (IAM) is essential to the speed and success of their endeavors. Discover how four brands--Babylon, Naranja, Siemens, and Kiva--approached their digital transformation and how they handled the identity portion of their transformation journey. We'll discuss:

  • How and why managing identity is a critical step in your digital transformation journey. 
  • How your identity solution can scale with your digital transformation goals. 
  • Why invest in a dedicated IAM solution so your digital transformation investments will pay off.

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