Think Tank | New way of working and building ecosystems during Covid-19


New way of working and building ecosystems during Covid-19

Think Tank - 10:00 am - 10:20 am

Whom had ever foreseen a year like we will finishing in a few weeks? Whom would ever had predicted and being prepared of the way companies had to adapt over last 10 months?

Some companies didn't allowed homeworking, some managers didn't promote or even accepted this way of working, some employees didn't want at all to work from home.... Now this has showed on the hard way that there is a way, a possibility to work like this which shows various advantages but also challenges.

Now, let's hope that this crisis is over soon, but how will look the future? Do we go in the old habits? Do we keep the way we have working since March? Or will there be a third option, a new way of working. 

As IT leader how to partner with the business, how to position yourself, what to keep in mind to build an IT ecosystem and how to lead your organisation in Order to be successful?

During this session, Christopher will share his experiences, lessons learned and what are key takeaways he can share and that could help other organizations


Presented by:

Christopher Franskin, Global IT and Digital Director, CIGNA