Think Tank | Lessons Learned on a Cloud Migration Project

Lessons Learned on a Cloud Migration Project

Think Tank - 11:10 am - 11:30 am

Key business objectives - Provide an improved, modern digital workplace for all our associates - that is MORE secure than our on-premises solution.

 Migrate out of our on-premises data center and away from capital HW buying, long term fixed hosting contracts to a more flexible "pay as you use what you need" model. 

Clean up all our old messes with data and address longstanding issues with "over retained" and ungoverned data.  


  • What part of your security does the CLOUD PROVIDER handle? What do YOU handle?  
  • How can your cloud solution be MORE secure than your on-premises solution? 
  • What tools are available to build a well governed cloud setup? How can we "clean up the mess" in our older setup? 
  • Brief tour of Microsoft options we use for our "secure cloud"

Presented by:

Mike Brannon, Director of Infrastructure and Security, National Gypsum Company View details