Security in the Crosshairs - The Future Comes into Focus

Keynote Presentation - 9:30 am - 10:00 am

All organizations, regardless of size, are continuously evolving through modern technologies. Having an incident response plan and an effective cybersecurity strategy is not a luxury, but rather a requirement. Finally, security training for employees to improve their awareness is becoming the rule instead of the exception. Security is now establishing a permanent footprint within the software development lifecycle, with SecDevOps/DevSecOps processes to incorporate security at all layers of development. 


  1. Any organization can fall victim to a data breach 
  2. Having a plan of action is essential to business survival 
  3. Security has become a part of the conversation at nearly every level of an organization

Presented by:

Pascal Pauwels, Group Chief Information Officer (Inter IKEA Group), Ikea