Executive Boardroom | Navigating Security & Risk in a Changing IT Landscape

Navigating Security & Risk in a Changing IT Landscape

Executive Boardroom - 4:05 pm - 4:30 pm

Agile, DevOps, containers, microservices and The Cloud are all seeing increased adoption across the enterprise. But, while there are valid business reasons to embrace these new models, there is potential risk in implementation. Is this change necessary? If so, how can this change be accommodated effectively, safely? This session will cover some common elements of the risk of change - and of not changing - and suggest approaches to minimize risk as you adopt these new technologies.


  1. The IT Landscape will continue to change leading to new processes, new technologies and new "standard" ways of doing IT business
  2. This changing Landscape will present security challenges where you will need to balance the "pain of same" vs the "pain of change"