Think Tank | Interoperability



Think Tank - 10:15 am - 10:35 am

One of the most significant requirements to provide high-quality care also is one of the most difficult to achieve true interoperability between healthcare providers, systems, technology and the information each of needs in order to achieve their respective goals. Interoperability is a problem throughout healthcare as disparate vendors, complex processes and clinical standards create tremendous barriers to delivering improved patient experiences and better outcomes. Lack of interoperability is perhaps the largest contributor to medical errors, the 3rd leading cause of death in the US 

  1. How do we maintain security and privacy while sharing information
  2. How do we develop efficient and usable solutions instead of waiting for regulations, vendors, etc.
  3. What are the characteristics of a cost effective infrastructure
  4. What are key best practices and examples of success
  5. Is there an ROI model for investment in interoperability
  6. What is needed beyond the EHR? EPIC is now using? CHR? comprehensive health record. Is this the right path
  7. What are key best practices and examples of success

Presented by:

Jordan Tannenbaum, CIO/CMIO, Saint Peter\'s Healthcare System View details