Enabling Enterprise Agility

Think Tank - 2:25 pm - 2:50 pm

The world continues to change around us and the pace of innovation is faster than at any other time. The demands on leaders are changing as the workplace continues to evolve, customer expectations are higher than ever before, there are increased stakeholder expectations, and an increased focus on the importance of digital dominance. Many organizations are adopting both agile and customer-centric mindsets that will enable us to tackle the challenges we face moving forward. In this interactive session come to discuss and learn about how a shift needs to happen in the areas of customer engagement, decision making, time to market, how teams work, and measures of success in order to continue to evolve and thrive. 

We will discuss the importance of: 

  1. Truly adopt an agile mindset and why does agile work?
  2. Empowering others through agile leadership behaviour shift
  3. Outcome and benefits of agile delivery and how to measure the success 

Presented by:

Peyman Parsi, Chief Client Delivery Officer, Global Technology Services, TMX Group View details