Behind the Scenes at Black Hat: Where Evolution is the Best Solution

Thought Leadership - 11:45 am - 12:10 pm

This session will bring you a behind the scenes look into the network at the Black Hat Security Briefings, often called "one of the most hostile networks in the world". Does reality actually match the hype? How do you design and deploy a network that's not only stable, but secure, for 20,000 of the industry's top minds? Join one of the designers of the Black Hat NOC where he'll answer these questions and more as we discuss how the network has evolved over 20+ years to keep pace with technology, attackers, and scale. We'll also discuss some of the lessons learned from monitoring network activity at Black Hat, and what it helps us learn about the way security professionals conduct themselves on an open WiFi network. Spoiler Alert: It's poorly. We conduct ourselves poorly.

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Neil Wyler, Sr Threat Hunter, RSA View details


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