Think Tank | Changing role of CIOs and CISOs


Changing role of CIOs and CISOs

Think Tank - 4:05 pm - 4:30 pm

The role of modern IT Executives is more challenging than it has ever been before, not only because the technology landscape has become more complex, but also because IT execs had to become more business-focused. The role has moved from being merely a technologist and a service provider to being a digital business instigator, an ambassador of transformation and a leader. This is the role that most of IT executives are not prepared for. 

Modern businesses want to leverage technology to gain that competitive edge which not only secure their market-share but also generate more revenue, reduce costs, avoid risks and incorporate innovation. Now all eyes are fixed upon IT and enterprises are demanding that their technology executives join them in this journey and get involved in shaping business strategy, but are CIxOs ready to take their rightful place at the top table? To be successful, CIxOs not only need to invest in their staff, procure right technologies, adopt and align IT strategy with business but most importantly they must invest in themselves, in their brand and leadership skills. 


  1. Only strong CIxOs can lead their enterprise to success: to lead digital business initiatives, to act as a bridge between IT and business strategy, to gain the confidence of board and stakeholders, CIxO must work on their personal brand and skills. 
  2. IT leaders must master the art of "Communicating Strategy" by applying the basics of Marketing & Publicity to their communication tactics.  
  3. Dark side and light side of the force: CIxOs must master the ways of power, manipulation, warfare and storytelling to protect their reputation, build strong alliances, inspire loyalty and guarantee their own success and that of their team. 
  4. IT executives can no longer be reactive to business demands, and merely play defense while focusing on operational excellence, cost optimization and risk reduction, but rather play offense, hack the culture, affect the decision making process within the organization and coach stakeholders to win in turns.

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Ali Farahani, Group CIO, ROXCEL Holding GmbH View details