The Journey from Spreadsheets to Integrated Risk Management (That's Right-Sized for Your Company!)

Executive Boardroom - 11:45 am - 12:10 pm

Risk, in all forms and types, has been the buzz word in today's environment. The question is: how to you move from a compliance-focused spreadsheet and manual program to a risk-based approach that your executive team and board of directors care about? This is not an overnight journey but there are tangible strategies you can implement to get your team focused on measuring what matters in your cybersecurity and data privacy programs: namely the risks that affect key business objectives. 


  1. Learn how to transform your compliance baseline into a risk-based assessment approach 
  2. "So what?" how to show impact to business objectives from cybersecurity and data privacy risks 
  3. Risk scoring mechanisms that can effectively measure technology risks

Presented by:

Kathleen Randall, EVP North America, SureCloud View details


Harrison Tedder-King, Senior Account Manager - U.S., SureCloud View details


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