Quantum Safe Readiness: Your Roadmap to a Quantum Safe Organization

Think Tank - 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm

In the near future, experts such as NIST have stated that the public-key cryptography used today will be broken by large-scale quantum computers, putting privacy and security at risk. Digital web properties as well as connected devices are on the rise (30 billion by 2020), and as such post-quantum computing (PQC) is going to be a crucial element to consider when securing them. While this concern is not yet top priority on CISOs' agendas, organizations which start preparing now are set to gain a significant competitive advantage and dramatically mitigate upcoming risks associated with the post-quantum era. Your roadmap to a quantum-safe organization starts today with key considerations including crypto-agility, industry compliance, infrastructure visibility, and other components of your digital security landscape. At this thought-provoking dinner hosted by DigiCert, CTO Dan Timpson will facilitate interactive discussions and debates around why and how organizations should start preparing now, ahead of tomorrow's complex security threats.