Think Tank | The Geopolitical Landscape's Effects on Organizations

The Geopolitical Landscape's Effects on Organizations

Think Tank - 3:35 pm - 4:00 pm

The recent U.S. government bans against Russian-based security products and Chinese smartphones are the latest results of suspicion and distrust of competing world powers. Organizations working with government entities must be aware of the geopolitical stipulations regarding their business relationships. Even with the geopolitical landscape, the buying decisions of security products are still based on trust in the supplier. It is important for CISOs and security leaders to incorporate geopolitical risk in all business-critical software, hardware and services purchasing decisions - even if that means considering local alternatives.


  1. Review the geopolitical landscape and how it has effected industries and organizations
  2. What to be aware of with your buying decisions
  3. What to anticipate and prepare for in the coming years