Thought Leadership | Closing the Gap of Grief: Business Driven Security

Closing the Gap of Grief: Business Driven Security

Thought Leadership - 11:45 am - 12:10 pm

How bad is it? When a breach occurs, how confident are you that you can quantify the impact to the organization in language they understand? This session describes the requirements for closing the gap: Complete visibility, to paint an accurate picture of what's happening across the environment, faster insight through better analytics and detection capabilities and business context around incidents. And finally, more effective response where security teams are certain they are taking the right actions to reduce risk and are sure they are protecting what matters most.  


  1. Learn how to garner the right visibility, in the right context, to defend what matters most
  2. Discover the 6 steps to take command of your evolving security posture in this uncertain, high risk world
  3. Find out what it takes to link your security strategy with your business priorities