Are You In Control, Do You Have a IT Crisis Management Plan To Execute When You Are Hit By a Cyber-Attack, It Is Not if You Are Hit, You Will Be Hit, Prepare For It Is Crucial.

Think Tank - 3:35 pm - 4:00 pm

Cyber-attacks are increasing heavily year-by-year and will never disappear. Most companies are not ready for the cyber-attack, they ?think? I will hit somebody else.  

Can you isolate your company and secure your business, if the cyber-attack hits your company? What does it take to be prepared for a cyber-attack? 


  • How to learn from IT Crisis Management plans, that works in real life. 
  • What is a-kill-switch. 
  • What are the steps to go through to be prepared?

Presented by:

Tom Christensen, Former Chief Information Officer at Total, Individual View details